St. Mark’s Standardized Test Scores

St. Mark’s administers achievement tests twice each year (fall and spring) to students in grades 3-8.  We test student progress in mathematics, reading, and language. Our testing program, called Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), is a product of the Northwest Education Association (NWEA).  It compares our students’ scores with the scores of millions of students across America.

The students receive an individual score called RIT. The RIT shows where each student is on a continuous scale of learning.  Generally, the RIT shows continuous growth each time the student takes the MAP tests.  The scores that we report on our school website are the average percentile rankings (PR) of our students by grade and by school.  

Percentile ranks compare individual and group scores with all of the students and schools nationwide who took the tests.  Therefore, the average is always 50. For example, an individual PR of 62 means that the student scored better than 62% of all students that took the test.  Likewise, a school or group PR of 62 means that the grade or school average is better than 62% of all that took the test.

Spring 2018 MAP Results (average percentile scores, by grades)

Grade LevelMathReadingLanguageScience
Grade 346566565
Grade 454626168
Grade 556536764
Grade 654546561
Grade 755625459
Grade 858575752
School Averages54576262